EARSTYLE.NET was created in 2007. The idea for EARSTYLE.NET came about during the MySpace days. I always had music video ideas or marketing ideas for my favorite artists. I would send my ideas and questions to the artists, their managers, publicists etc. on MySpace. After connecting with a few publicists and artists, one of the editors for a magazine at the time suggested that I started my own blog to document this passion that I had. This was the days of sprucing up your profile so I had the coding down pat, I taught myself a little graphic design, and I saw the benefit of social media in some of its early days. I saw the power of connecting and shooting for the stars, because it was possible thanks to technology. After brainstorming some names for this website, EarStyle.NET was created. The name blends my love for music, style, pop culture, and everything in between. The site was designed as an outlet for rising talent in various fields of entertainment. I was also blessed to interview some of music’s greats and asked them for advice to share with young budding talent. There was only one rule. NO GOSSIP. I wanted this to be a positive space to share and connect. With a mixture of rising and established talents, the website provides a GOOD mix of everything GOOD for everybody out there. Our mission is to promote the idea that GOOD is GOOD, no matter the race of the artist, the genre, the sex of the performer, or any other difference that would normally not be accepted in society. If it’s GOOD embrace it, love it, listen to it, and live it. If it’s GOOD to you…It’s GOOD. C’est Bon.