Have an idea that you need flushed out a bit? Maybe you need some help bringing an event or project to life. Maybe you need some graphic design assistance or maybe you have some designs of your own that you would love feedback on. I’m that guy to help you get the creative juices flowing and turn all of your wild ideas into reality.


It’s very important to have somebody that know somebody that know somebody that know something about it. Is that how the song go? However it went, Trick Daddy wasn’t lying. I don’t know everybody, but I know all the right people to help you accomplish whatever it is that you are working on creatively. Let me help you help you.


I’m all about the good vibes. Whether it is putting people on to new and old jams with my specially curated playlists or bringing people together in a social setting, I am all about uniting the people and sharing good energy. Don’t want a DJ to just kill the vibes with Billboard’s Current Top 40? Hit me up for specially curated selections for your next event! Whether it is a Boozy Brunch New Orleans Style for a Birthday Trip or a romantic private dinner with you and that special person, I got you covered!


Are you a vlogger and looking for that special touch to your videos? Maybe you want to bring together video and photo memories for a special loved ones birthday tribute video. Don't worry. Let me help you bring your ideas to life with my video editing skills.