Quarantine N’ Podcast

April 4, 2020

Honestly, I have officially lost track of what day of quarantine it is. However, I will never forget recording this podcast episode with my friends Imani Stewart (Imani Inspires) and Melanie Robins (The Glam Stash). My friends are the s**t. Melanie is passionate about fashion and she FINALLY launched her baby The Glam Stash, an online shoe boutique for the ladies. Imani is a top tier strategist for entrepreneurs. I am always inspired by her insight, no pun intended. Imani is also the host and founder of The Philadelphia Millennial podcast. The podcast is described as the audio book for African American millennials in Philly and beyond. Imani, Melanie, and myself had a transparent conversation about entrepreneurship, corporate life, faith, and timing. Check it out below and make sure you check out both of their websites and instagrams!

Quarantine Edition: Business, Corporate, Faith, Timing & God with Melanie Robins & Ivan Bradley
The Philadelphia Millennial Hosted by Imani Inspires

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